Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA

It is not necessary that the best auto insurance company will be the affordable one. There are nearly 6000 insurance companies in USA but choosing the best one can be a challangeging task for you so I have made a list of top 10 auto insurance companies in USA.

Many auto owners look for the most affordabe vehicle insurance but there are many owners who look for the best customer service and a very easy insurance claim process. You may have your own crietria to choose the best but it is not an easy task for you to decide with whom you shopuld go.

Best 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA

Here are the list of the best auto insurance companies in USA you are looking for. I am going to list companies not based on cheap but according to their security measures and easy claiming process. Hecnce you may find the costlier comapnies in the list.

  1. USAA
  2. State Farm
  3. Nationwide
  4. Geico
  5. Progressive
  6. American Family
  7. Travelers
  8. Farmers
  9. Allstate
  10. Liberty Mutual


After our research we have found USAA to be the best auto insurance company. The customers from USAA like their customer support. An interesting story is assoiciated with insurance company. It was founded by 25 army officers because they decided to insure each others vehicle. It happened in the year 1922.

it started with the few friends but now they are serving millions of members which are related with U.S military. It includes family of caders and service members.

2. State Farm

State farm is one of the biggest auto insurance company which serves almost 16% of the U.S population. U.S paid 15% to State Farm, money for the private passengers auto premiums. Approximately 60,000 employees work for this company and there are 19,000 agents in this company.

this company is owned by the policyholders as a mutual partnership. We have mentioned many auto insurance company in this list but State Farm is the cheapest among them.

3. Nationwide

Nationwide does not only deal with auto insurance but it deals with financial service, personal line, commercial lines in ll the U.S states. Its contribution to the non profit organizations since 2000 is $430 million.

It follows a motto that is “On your side” for the purpose of handling of insurance claims, premioums and policies. It also recommends to take annual checkup. it ensures the policyholders to undrestand the declarations and benefits. It also helps to keep premium steady when their any changes come.

4. Geico

It is very popular for its advertisements which has served more than 16 millions auto policies that includes 24 million auto vehicles. It has nine branches and around 40,000 people work for this company. It also includes 3 service centres and 3 claim centers.

Its customers mainly belong to United states military personnel and government employees. It has expanded the military its customer base.

5. Progressive

Currently Progressive insurance agency is the 3rd largest insurance company in the US. It has multiple resources in its hand. It offers various coverage options to the customers for vehicles, boats, home and RVs. It is a money saving plan in which progressive program uses sensors to track the driving in realtime and it also offers deals that helps in safe riving.

The customer rating of progressive insurance company according to J.D Power ratings is average. It has recieved below average rating for its claims services.

Headquarters:Mayfield Village, Ohio
Average annual min coverage rate: $582
Market share percentage:13.30%
Bankrate Score: 4.1
Average annual full coverage rate: $1,509

6. Allstate

Allstate insurance is also a popular insurance company which is good in satisfying its customers. It is famous for offering auto, renters, home, and life insurance policies. Allstate’s rating according to the J.D Power vary from different states. Its rating is above average in few states and below average in other states.

Headquarters:Northbrook, Illinois
Market share percentage: 9.11%
Bankrate Score: 3.6
Average annual full coverage rate: $1,921
Average annual min coverage rate: $696

7. Travelers

Travelers provides standard auto insurance plan which secure your policies just like new car replacements, rental car average, and accidentals forgiveness. It helps you for savings and discounts that allow you to plan different things like getting new policy.

This company has received below average rating from J.D Power for claims service. It has received below average customer service satisfaction in different locations.

Headquarters:New York City, New York
Market share percentage: 1.96%
Bankrate Score: 4.5
Average annual full coverage rate: $1,325
Average annual min coverage rate: $469

8. Farmers Insurance

It is also holding a big share in auto insurance sectors in the USA. It is famou for its robust insurance plans which is consists of various features that is benficial for the customers.

It offers ridesharing policy that covers your policy when you work for a company like OLA, Uber or Lyte. It also allows to take OEM policy that will help you to get damaged vehicle’ parts if damaged from the original mnufacturers. It has received above average rating from the J.D Power for customer satisfaction.

It has recenly expanded by purchasing the MetLife & Home. Customers who are assoviated with MetLife can see changes to different aspects like policies options.

Headquarters:Los Angeles, California
Market share percentage: 3.98%
Bankrate Score: 3.8
Average annual full coverage rate: $2,000
Average annual min coverage rate: $808

9. American Family

American family is also referred as AmFam which provides facility policies for health, home, auto, travel, theft insurance, and identity. For customers better facility they provide an app to get provide features to the customers. These features includes easy bill paying and Teen safe Driving program.

Headquarters:Madison, Wisconsin
Market share percentage: 2.07%
Bankrate Score: 3.7
Average annual full coverage rate: $1,911
Average annual min coverage rate: $918

10. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual provides every kind of insurance policies so you can purchase any kind of policy through this company. Purchasing policy from this company is very easy which also provides different policy bundles.

It provides 17 different discounts for car insurance which has been features on their website. Libert mutual rating fromJ.D Power vary from state to state. You can ask for the customers satisfaction rating by calling them.

Headquarters:Boston, Massachusetts
Market share percentage: 4.75%
Bankrate Score: 3.9


Car owners look for safety of their vehicles so they searxh for an insurance company which is supportive to customers and claim process should be easy. Therefore we have shared an articl about top 10 best auto insurance companies in USA. If you like this post please support us by sharing this article to the needful person too.

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